Dyson DC41: The best pet hair vacuum?

After seeing the adverts many are keen on trying out one of Dyson’s new ‘ball technology’ vacuums, as they are currently all the rage. This page features our Dyston DC41 Animal Complete review which has garnered rave ratings across the board and might just be the model incorporating this new technology that you’ve been waiting for. For starters, it’s easy to see why someone might be put off by the price. There are many ‘similar’ vacuum cleaners for much cheaper, but most ‘affordable’ vacuums breakdown all too soon, and so it really is worth spending the extra money on a reliable brand. This vacuum should last you quite a while and with such great performance, few would want to back to one of those cheaper models.

Main Features of the Dyson DC41

Despite having that strange moving ball joint attached to it, the entire thing feels incredibly sturdy, so buyers can be quite confident that it won’t break easily. Even with the build quality being so good, many will be surprised by how lightweight it is in comparison, there will be no problems lugging it about a house or apartment, even up stairs. It’s also pretty small which is great for storage.

If you’ve ever owned a Dyson then you’ll know how good the suction is on these things. They also make good vacuums for your stairs. It comes with their usual cyclone technology, and while there are many other bagless vacuums on the market claiming to match the Dyson models in this way, there really is no comparison. Pet hair, spills, crumbs, anything within reason and this vacuum will clean it up in seconds.

The ‘Ball Technology’ that they keep going on about isn’t a must have feature. Do not misunderstand, it is fantastic, but only if you need to clean constantly around things. If you live in a sparse apartment and don’t need to get into every nook and cranny quickly, then it might be a luxury you can do without. Many will find it great for vacuuming around the chairs at a family table, but it isn’t something you must have if you’re worried about the price. What can be said is that the DC41 feels really easy to push around because of the ball joint and many will find that a plus point, especially when in a mad cleaning frenzy.

Accessories and other features

The accessories are fantastic. The DC41 comes with a fitting which is specifically designed to deal with hair and the like. Pet hair will no longer be a problem with this hand tool; most will be able to get hair quickly off of any couch or other piece of furniture without any hassle, which is really great. As well as this, the Dyson DC41 comes with a whole bunch of other hand tools making it a really great all in one option for cleaning in all manner of places.

Many people will have had a bad experience with other vacuums which can scuff some surfaces such as wooden floors, but this vacuum is great for both hardened flooring and carpets. It glides along and sucks up anything that is thrown at it without any problems, and most importantly without damaging nice polished floors!

One of major annoyance of vacuuming is at the end of a clean when you have to empty your rubbish, which can be a lot of hassle on other models. With the DC41 you won’t have to worry about emptying a bag, and the entire unit easily unhooks so that you can empty out the rubbish before simply clipping the canister back in.

This is an awesome vacuum for pet hair and, although pricey, it really is worth it as it should last you a long time.

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